Men’s vs Women’s Tennis Rackets

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In general, tennis rackets are considered unisex. There aren’t really specific makes or models that suit men or women in particular.

Most recreational players tend to gravitate towards the type of rackets that their favourite professional players use, male or female.

That being said, the women’s game tends to feature more flat hitting down the middle of the court than the men’s game.  There is, therefore, a tendency for more women to use larger-headed, power-orientated rackets to emphasize this trend.

Men often opt for heavier, smaller-headed frames with more control, whereas women often go for slightly more forgiving rackets that offer more power and spin.

This is of course a generalization and there are exceptions, but this tends to be the case more often than not on the professional tour at least.

Best Women’s Tennis Rackets  –  more detail

Diving a bit deeper into our previous review on Best Women’s Tennis Rackets

Babolat Pure Drive

The Babolat Pure Drive has been a popular racket amongst the WTA tour for a number of years now, thanks to its unrivalled power and plow-through.

Players like Kim Clijsters and Garbine Muguruza have wielded the Pure Drive to Grand Slam victories, thanks to the large sweet spot that enhances their powerful games.

The original Pure Drive comes in 100sq in and 300gm specification, but there is also a range of different layups to choose from.

There are heavier and lighter versions available, and some even have larger head sizes for more forgiveness and power. Either way, the Babolat Pure Drive is a stiff, powerful racket that will do a lot of heavy hitting for you and generate a tonne of power.

This is a popular racket for good reason, it is easy to swing, offers easy power and suits an aggressive baseliner style of game.

Wilson Ultra 100

The Wilson Ultra 100 is actually a very popular racket on the WTA tour. Players like Maria Sakkari, Madison Keys, Victoria Azarenka and  Ajla Tomljanovic all rely on the supple, well-balanced feel of the Ultra to guide them to victory.

The Wilson Ultra is a great all-rounder, offering plenty of power, spin and comfort that suits the modern women’s game down to the ground.

This racket is easy to swing and is perfect for a beginner to the intermediate player who wants a solid base to improve their game from.

There is a lot to be said for a racket that ticks boxes across multiple categories of racket specs, and the Ultra does that brilliantly. Wilson tends to be associated with control-based rackets, and you can feel these influences in the Ultra too.

There is a great feel to this racket, which compliments the natural suppleness, power and spin very nicely.

Wilson Clash 100

A pretty unique offering from Wilson is the Clash 100. Wilson added their Fortyfive technology to the Clash in a bid to create a racket that was powerful, spin-friendly, comfortable and stable all at the same time.

This is no mean feat, as generally a racket will be stable, stiff and powerful, but lack feel, or supple and control-oriented but lack power.

The Wilson Clash 100 manages to combine these playing characteristics brilliantly, offering a unique blend of power, stability, comfort and control.

The Clash whips through the air and is easy to swing, making it great for spin generation too. This racket definitely suits the women’s game and will offer a great blend of spin, comfort and power to complement big ball strikers.

Dunlop FX 500

Another power-focused racket that is perfect for big hitters that want to boss their opponents around is the Dunlop FX 500.

This is a powerful and forgiving racket that suits players that like to impose their game on others. The FX 500 is a pretty stiff racket on paper, and whilst it won’t win any awards for feel and comfort, it is a pretty forgiving racket given its specs.

Dunlop has worked hard to implement effective damping technology into the FX 500, to give it a degree of shock absorption for when players are really hammering the ball.

You’ll get a rock-solid, predictable feel from the Dunlop FX 500, perfect for the player who wants to get in the zone and chip away at their opponent through heavy hitting.

Head Boom

A relatively new addition to the Head racket lineup is the Boom. This is a racket geared towards power, and it is pretty easy to see why it gets its name.

The racket features a head-heavy balance so is perfect for players that want to crunch the ball with plenty of power.

Coco Gauff has switched to the Boom and is now hitting the ball bigger than ever!

You can expect plenty of spin from the Boom too, thanks to its open string pattern.

This means you’ll be hitting heavy balls that will push your opponent back behind the baseline with ease.

Yonex Ezone 100

The Ezone 100 is a forgiving, comfortable and powerful racket that combines a supple feel with energy return and spin.

This well-balanced racket is trusted by Jessica Pergula, Belinda Bencic and Naomi Osaka  –  all big hitters that love to hit the ball smoothly. The Ezone 100 is great for players that want to combine power, spin and comfort all in the same racket.