Top Wilson Overgrip: A Deep Dive into the Wilson Pro Overgrip

Wilson Overgrip

Wilson is a leading name in the tennis world, known for producing high-quality equipment that meets the demands of players at all levels. Among their offerings, the Wilson Pro Overgrip stands out as a top choice for many professional and recreational players. This article explores what makes the Wilson Pro Overgrip a favorite and why it is considered one of the best on the market.

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Overview of the Wilson Pro Overgrip

The Wilson Pro Overgrip is renowned for its exceptional feel, durability, and performance. It’s widely used by top players, including Roger Federer, which speaks volumes about its quality and reliability. The overgrip is designed to provide a perfect blend of tackiness and absorption, ensuring a secure grip under various playing conditions.

Key Features

  1. Superior Feel – The Wilson Pro Overgrip offers a soft, comfortable feel that enhances the grip without being too bulky. This ensures that players can maintain a natural feel of their racket while enjoying the added benefits of an overgrip.
  1. Tackiness – One of the standout features of this overgrip is its tackiness. It provides just the right amount of stickiness to ensure a firm grip, helping players to maintain control of their racket during intense rallies.
  1. Moisture Absorption – The overgrip excels in moisture absorption, making it an excellent choice for players who sweat a lot. It absorbs moisture effectively, keeping the hands dry and preventing the racket from slipping.
  1. Durability – The Wilson Pro Overgrip is highly durable, maintaining its performance even after extended use. This makes it a cost-effective option for players who want a long-lasting grip solution.
  1. Versatility – Available in various colors, the Wilson Pro Overgrip allows players to personalize their rackets while enjoying its top-notch performance. It also comes in different pack sizes, catering to the needs of both casual and frequent players.

Why Players Love the Wilson Pro Overgrip

  • Professional Endorsements: The fact that elite players like Roger Federer use this overgrip speaks to its superior quality and performance. Such endorsements provide confidence to players at all levels.
  • Consistent Performance: Whether playing in humid, hot conditions or cooler environments, the Wilson Pro Overgrip consistently provides excellent grip and control.
  • Comfort: The soft, comfortable feel of the overgrip reduces the risk of blisters and allows for prolonged play without discomfort.
  • Ease of Use: The overgrip is easy to apply and replace, making it a convenient choice for players who need to refresh their grips regularly.

Wilson Pro Overgrip Variations

The Wilson Pro Overgrip line includes several variations that cater to different preferences and playing conditions. Here are some of the most popular and notable options within range:

1. Wilson Pro Overgrip

The classic and most popular version, known for its balance of tackiness, comfort, and moisture absorption. It’s widely used by professional and amateur players alike.

2. Wilson Pro Overgrip Sensation

A thinner version of the original Pro Overgrip, offering a more precise feel while still providing the same tackiness and absorption. Ideal for players who prefer a closer feel to the handle.

3. Wilson Pro Overgrip Perforated

Features perforations throughout the grip for enhanced breathability and increased moisture absorption. This version is excellent for players who play in hot and humid conditions.

4. Wilson Pro Overgrip Comfort

Designed with extra cushioning to provide additional comfort. This version is ideal for players who prefer a softer grip or who have issues with hand fatigue and blisters.

5. Wilson Pro Overgrip Soft

An ultra-soft variation that prioritizes comfort without sacrificing performance. This overgrip is perfect for players who want a cushioned feel with a slightly less tacky surface.

6. Wilson Pro Overgrip Sensation Perforated

Combines the thin profile of the Sensation with the breathability of the Perforated version, offering a lightweight, comfortable, and well-ventilated grip.

7. Wilson Pro Overgrip Comfort Plus

Offers the most cushioning of the Pro Overgrip series, designed for maximum comfort. This is suitable for players who need extra padding to protect against hand fatigue and blisters.

8. Wilson Pro Overgrip Ultra Thin

An even thinner version than the Sensation, providing the closest possible feel to the racket handle while still offering some degree of tackiness and moisture absorption.

Top players who are using Wilson Overgrip

Many professional tennis players choose Wilson Pro Overgrip for its superior feel, durability, and performance. Here are some notable players who have been known to use Wilson Pro Overgrip:

1. Roger Federer

Arguably the most famous user of the Wilson Pro Overgrip, Roger Federer has relied on this grip throughout his illustrious career. His preference for Wilson equipment, including the Pro Overgrip, highlights its high-quality and reliable performance.

2. Serena Williams

Serena Williams, one of the greatest female tennis players of all time, has also used Wilson Pro Overgrip. Her choice underscores the grip’s ability to perform under the most intense conditions.

3. Stefanos Tsitsipas

The Greek star, known for his aggressive playing style and powerful groundstrokes, uses Wilson Pro Overgrip to maintain a secure and comfortable hold on his racket during long matches.

4. Simona Halep

Former World No. 1 and Grand Slam champion Simona Halep has been seen using Wilson Pro Overgrip. Her reliance on this overgrip reflects its comfort and reliability, even in high-stress match situations.

5. Juan Martín del Potro

The Argentine powerhouse, known for his massive forehand and resilience on the court, has also used Wilson Pro Overgrip. Its durability and tackiness are essential for his powerful playstyle.

6. Grigor Dimitrov

Grigor Dimitrov, often compared to Roger Federer for his playing style and technique, uses Wilson Pro Overgrip to ensure a consistent and comfortable grip on his racket.

7. Petra Kvitová

Two-time Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitová has been seen using Wilson Pro Overgrip, relying on its excellent moisture absorption and tackiness to maintain control during her matches.


The Wilson Pro stands out as a top choice for tennis players due to its combination of superior feel, tackiness, moisture absorption, durability, and versatility. Whether you’re a professional player or an amateur enthusiast, this overgrip can significantly enhance your playing experience. Its widespread use among top athletes is a testament to its quality, making it a reliable option for anyone looking to improve their grip on the court.

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