Dunlop Racket Reviews

About Dunlop

Dunlop’s fascinating journey into tennis began in 1888 when John Boyd Dunlop patented the pneumatic tire for bicycles. Surprisingly, this led them into the tennis industry due to the similar materials. In 1923, they made their mark in the tennis ball market.

In 1932, Dunlop ventured into racket manufacturing, producing legendary models over the next 50 years. Icons like Rod Laver, Virginia Wade, and John McEnroe achieved numerous titles with Dunlop rackets, solidifying their place in tennis history.

While their presence may not be as prominent today, Dunlop continues to excel, crafting excellent rackets suitable for players of all levels. Explore Dunlop tennis rackets and elevate your game to new heights.

The Dunlop Range

Dunlop FX tennis racket review

Experience the surge of game-winning power like never before. Snatch 12-shot rallies, launch baseline-to-baseline shots, and unleash decisive smashes with unmatched comfort and reliability. The new aerodynamic frame shape and larger sweet spot fuse seamlessly, delivering a consistently smooth and stable hitting experience that captures power to elevate your game like never before.

Strike the perfect balance of power and comfort with a precision groove in the racket frame, enlarging the sweet spot and increasing string movement for more powerful and comfortable shots. Embrace the new frame shape’s aerodynamic head, empowering you to hit harder and enjoy a balanced feel with a modern-looking shaft. The wider throat design ensures greater stability, enabling you to strike consistent shots with power and reliability.

Move and strike with confidence using a high-elasticity and vibration-damping racket, smoothing out your game and infusing every shot with enhanced power and feel. Capture the essence of unstoppable power and take your game to new heights, feeling more comfortable and in control than ever before. Play with power, precision, and confidence like never before.

dunlop cx tennis racket review

Control is the ultimate mastery of the game – it’s about commanding the power, guiding the shot, and seizing control of the point. The CX Control Series is a technological marvel, placing the game firmly in your hands, enabling you to hit harder and play longer with ease. This is true control.

Trust the redesigned string bed for greater accuracy, allowing you to effortlessly select the shot you want and dictate the course of the point. Experience controlled power as Sonic Core, located on both sides of the racket head, provides superior rebound and reduces vibration by up to 37%.

With FLEX BOOSTER technology, enjoy unmatched comfort and repeat shot after shot with ease. Filtering out negative vibrations in the shaft area, it allows you to hit harder and play longer, all while savoring the lower stiffness of the racket. Control the game, control your performance, and embrace the essence of control with the CX Control Series.

Dunlop tennis racket reviews

Introducing the new SX Series – designed to revolutionize spin generation for players who live and breathe tennis. This series empowers you to play the game on your terms, delivering shots packed with power, precision, and game-turning spin. Are you ready to step up your game?

Experience unmatched spin with a dynamic set of spin-enhancing grommets and a spin boost string tech pattern. The shaped grommets allow for more string movement, creating incredible bite on the ball and generating impressive spin.

With an increased string bed area, the SX Series delivers greater string movement, resulting in enhanced power and spin generation. Perform with authority as you hit hard, benefiting from an increased rebound and reduced vibration with the innovative Sonic Core technology.

Enjoy superior stability and racket power with the unique V shape frame geometry in the shaft area. The SX Series puts you in control, enabling you to take your game to the next level. Are you ready to embrace the power of spin with the SX Series?