Head Racket Reviews

About Head


Head is another giant of the tennis racket world, and they have equipped some of the legends of the game. Hopefully after reading our Head racket reviews you can have a better understanding of the differences!

Andre Agassi, Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic are just some of the big names to use this diverse selection of rackets.

Head offers six main racket lines – RadicalSpeedPrestigeGravity, Extreme and Extinct, all of which offer something slightly different to their users.

Tour pros include – Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Ashleigh Barty, Alexander Zverev, Maria Sharapova, Sloane Stephens, Richard Gasquet.

For decades, Head has consistently produced top-quality rackets and they continue to innovate, recently introducing their newest line, Gravity.

The Head Range

taylor fritz head radical tennis racket review


Andre Agassi and Andy Murray, two belligerent scrappers, have carried this stick to Grand Slam titles, making the Radical rackets probably best known.

The Radicals are modern players’ rackets that bring great speed and a combination of power, spin, control and feel, which makes them a great middle ground for players.

There are a lot of different options within this family. Therefore, whatever your standard, you can find a racket that suits you.

novak djokovic head speed tennis racket review


The name gives you a hint here! The Speed rackets not only maximize your racket head speed but also offer much more than that.

Speed rackets are known for excellent control, and lovely feel as well as their obvious speed.

The Head Speed sticks are great for players who love to attack the ball with full aggressive swings and really take control of the point.

With options for beginners, all the way up to pro players, these rackets have been a real hit.


Another of the most iconic rackets of all time, the Head Prestige was the racket of choice for the great Marat Safin. These tennis rackets ooze control, precision, stability and feel and are ideal for players who naturally generate a ton of power.

While Head has done a good job of modernizing these rackets and making options that are a bit more accessible, they are generally better suited to more experienced players.

You have to be confident in your technique to get the most out of these sticks.


The Gravity rackets are the newest addition to Head’s lineup and they surely did a very good job with them.

Designed to bring modern comfort without compromising on performance, we believe that they are truly special.

Gravity rackets make playing tennis comfortable and effortless, and there is an option for all levels of players.

For players looking for control, spin and comfort, these are great rackets to check out.

head extreme racket review


The name sums up the racket  –  this racket is for big swinging, modern players who are looking to add some power and spin to their game.

Famously wielded by Frenchman Richard Gasquet, these rackets help players hit heavy shots that force opponents backwards.

Once again, there are a number of different options within the Extreme family so you will be able to find a weight and setup that suits you.

head instinct racket review


The Head Instinct rackets, previously utilized on tour by the now-retired Maria Sharapova, aim at beginner and intermediate players, providing a user-friendly experience along with ample power and spin.

The Instinct rackets are easy to swing and help make tennis a little easier for people starting out in the game.

Head sub-categories


The S series of rackets offer a more user-friendly option for beginner and intermediate players, with reduced weight and more open string patterns.

The S rackets are there to help out players who are still learning and developing their game.


The MP rackets are Head’s middle ground rackets. Weight-wise, they come in between the PRO and the S rackets and they look to balance performance and usability.

Best suited to intermediate and lower-level advanced players, these rackets will suit a wide variety of players.


The PRO models are geared towards performance. They are heavier, with bigger swing weights and more closed string patterns.

These rackets are specifically targeted towards experienced and advanced players who possess confidence in their swings.


Like Babolat and Wilson, Head has a range of Lite rackets which are perfect for beginners and younger players.

These rackets are easy to swing but they are not geared towards performance at a high level.