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  • The Ballboys & Ballgirls of Wimbledon – BBGs
    The new on-court military style of the ballboys and girls of Wimbledon is very different from the original 1920s version. They now move with the precision of match-stick soldiers. The original boys were chosen from … Read more
  • Babolat and The New Generation of Tennis Players
    History of Babolat The Babolat family has an interesting history that spans from their beginnings in butchery to becoming a prominent name in the world of tennis equipment. The Babolat family started it’s business in 1875 … Read more
  • Roland Garros Week 2 Summary
    Report by Telegraph Sport and Simon Briggs at Roland Garros. After the Big Four, there were the Big Three, and then the Big Two. But now that Novak Djokovic has defeated Casper Ruud in the … Read more
  • Wimbledon Women’s Singles Final
    Marketa Vondrousova, the talented 24-year-old tennis player from the Czech Republic, etched her name in the annals of Wimbledon history by accomplishing an extraordinary feat on the grass courts in the Wimbledon Women’s singles final. … Read more
  • Wimbledon Men’s Singles – Final Week
    The Telegraph Sport comments that Carlos Alcaraz dethroning Novak Djokovic in the Wimbledon Men’s Singles final was the moment of rebirth for tennis. Novak Djokovic may have left a dent in the net post, but it … Read more