Prince Racket Reviews

Prince Racket Reviews

About Prince

Prince, an esteemed American racket company, offers a vast and diverse range of tennis rackets meticulously tailored to cater to an extensive array of playing styles. Furthermore, immerse yourself in our comprehensive Prince tennis racket reviews, ensuring you find the quintessential match to elevate your prowess on the court.

Within Prince’s magnificent repertoire, players of all skill levels are guaranteed to unearth a myriad of high-quality options perfectly suited to harmonize with their unique playing styles, courtesy of the four prominent racket families: Tour, Phantom, Beast, and Warrior.

Indeed, observing illustrious tennis professionals like John Isner and the Bryan brothers employing these rackets affords the spectator an unparalleled glimpse into the exceptional level of tennis excellence achieved with these sticks.

While it may hold true that Prince sponsors fewer professional players compared to some other brands, this should by no means detract from the eminence of their rackets. Prince produces a captivating assortment of highly sought-after rackets, revered and embraced by tennis enthusiasts worldwide.

The Prince Range

Prince Tour
pablo andujar prince tour tennis racket review

Discover the extraordinary Tour tennis rackets featuring the renowned Textreme technology, exclusively utilized by Prince to elevate racket performance.

Textreme incorporates specialized carbon fibers, thereby effectively optimizing the strength-to-weight ratio. As a result, you get an impressive combination of power and control, coupled with an unparalleled feel.

Enjoy a remarkable blend of power, spin, control, feel, and comfort with the Textreme Tour rackets – a perfect choice for diverse players.

Choose from an extensive selection of weights, head sizes, and string patterns available in all Prince models, providing you with the ideal customizations to enhance your game.

Prince Phantom
prince phantom tennis racket review

Ditch the boring tennis racket names and embrace the captivating world of Prince!

The Phantom rackets boast sleek and thin beams, tailor-made for players craving ultimate control and a flawless feel. Whether you’re an intermediate or advanced player, these rackets are an absolute favourite.

If you’re all about swinging through the ball with lightning speed while maintaining precise control, then look no further – the Phantom rackets are your perfect match.

Unleash maximum control and additionally, savor a luxuriously smooth feel with these exceptional rackets. Don’t miss out on exploring the exciting possibilities they offer for your game!

Prince Beast

Introducing the power-packed Beast series – a lineup of rackets that lives up to its name!

Embrace the beastly performance with an array of options, ranging from lightweight rackets with large frames to heavier ones with smaller frames. Furthermore, The Beast range caters to all, offering something special for every player.

Experience excellent manoeuvrability, accompanied by abundant power and spin – the perfect blend that makes these tennis rackets stand out.

Looking for an alternative to renowned rackets like the Yonex Ezone and Babolat Pure Aero? Look no further! The Beast series is your ideal choice! Unleash your inner beast on the court and elevate your game to new heights with these extraordinary rackets.

Prince Warrior
Prince Warrior tennis racket review

Welcome to the dynamic world of the Warrior range. Another exceptional offering from Prince, boasting a delightful array of options.

Ideal for beginner and intermediate players, these rackets excel in manoeuvrability while delivering an impressive combination of power, spin, and feel.

The irresistible blend of attributes has won the hearts of many players, making the Prince Warrior rackets a preferred choice on the court.

Embrace the versatility and finesse of the Warrior range, and elevate your playing experience to new levels with these outstanding rackets.

Prince Legacy

For players with shorter and slower swings, the Legacy franchise stands out as the ultimate choice.

Additionally, leveraging the powerful combination of TeXtreme and 03 technologies, these rackets boast the most extensive sweet spot ever seen.

Moreover, prepare to be amazed by the extraordinary levels of power and comfort, as using the Legacy rackets almost feels like gaining an unfair advantage on the court.

So, embrace the innovation and prowess of the Legacy series, and take your game to a whole new level of excellence.

Prince Vortex

Discover the one-of-a-kind Vortex 100 tennis racket, meticulously crafted to unleash your spin potential and bewilder your opponents with incredible dipping and kicking groundstrokes. With this racket in hand, prepare to dominate the court like never before.

Embracing a distinct geometry that not only looks striking but additionally offers significant advantages to players. This frame is designed to elevate your performance.

The innovative inverse dual taper construction opens up a wider spin window, allowing for a greater angle of attack. When combined with the 14×21 string pattern, you can expect aggressive string movement and unparalleled spin generation.

Get ready to revolutionize your game and dominate the court with the extraordinary spin capabilities of the Vortex 100 tennis racket.

Prince Twistpower

Embrace the revolutionary Twistpower, a truly versatile frame that stands out as one of the most adaptable rackets of all time.

Its distinctive twisted shaft design ensures optimal flex for both forehand and backhand shots, thus elevating your game to new heights. Furthermore, experience ultimate control for your power shots while enjoying an added boost of power when needed.

The Twistpower is the epitome of user-friendliness for the modern game, equally accommodating players of all levels with its incredible adaptability. Additionally, unleash the full potential of your game with this exceptional racket, making every shot a masterpiece on the court.

Prince Ripstick

Experience the pinnacle of power with the Ripstick 100, the ultimate 100 power frame designed to satisfy your craving for raw explosive force.

If you seek the sensation of unmatched power on the court, look no further – this racket is tailor-made for you. Boasting a plethora of cutting-edge technology, including the most dramatic O-port construction ever created, it enables exceptional string movement for enhanced power and spin.

Embrace the aggressive CTS design and power rail integrated into the lower part of the hoop, elevating the racket’s sweetspot.

Unleash dominating serves, returns, and punishing groundstrokes with unprecedented force. The Ripstick 100 is your gateway to a whole new level of power-packed performance on the tennis court.

Prince Synergy

Introducing the Synergy, a counterpuncher’s ultimate dream on the tennis court. Notably, with exceptional stability, this racket empowers players to unleash a relentless barrage of heavy groundstrokes from any angle. Consequently, players can take full control of the game and dominate their opponents with strategic precision.

Despite its higher swingweight, the Synergy surprises us with its effortless swings; courtesy of its innovative aerodynamic texture. This enables it to slice through the air with exceptional speed.

Enhance your control and achieve a flatter ball trajectory with the Synergy’s 18×18 string pattern, propelling the ball through the court and pushing your opponent backward.

Dominate the game with this exceptional racket, specifically perfectly designed for counterpunching players seeking a winning edge on every shot. In addition, elevate your performance with the Synergy and experience a whole new level of tennis mastery. In doing so, unleash your full potential on the court and leave your opponents in awe.

Prince Subcategories

With so many different options for rackets, Prince has decided to divide up their categories. Here’s a breakdown to simplify the meanings behind the letters found at the end of the racket names:


The “L” designation indicates that the racket is lighter, making it more maneuverable on the court. These rackets are an excellent choice for beginner players, offering easier handling and control.


“T” stands for Team, signifying rackets designed for players in the beginner to intermediate level. Similar to Babolat Team rackets, these sticks offer a balanced weight suitable for players looking to progress their skills.


The “P” can be a bit puzzling, as it doesn’t have a specific meaning. According to Tennis Warehouse, it doesn’t carry a particular designation except that it is typically used for slightly heavier models.


Rackets with “O2” in their name feature Prince’s signature O2 ports. These ports replace traditional grommets and feature larger holes, enhancing comfort during play. O2 rackets are crafted with added attention to providing a comfortable experience for players.


Prince offers a wide range of junior rackets for all abilities, thus designed specifically for young players. Additionally, these junior rackets are crafted to suit different age groups and skill levels, thereby providing aspiring young athletes with the perfect tools to develop their game. As a result, young players can embark on their tennis journey with confidence and achieve remarkable progress with the right equipment in hand.

By understanding these designations, players can easily identify the characteristics of various Prince rackets and select the one that best suits their playing style and skill level.