Volkl Tennis Racket Reviews

Volkl Racket Reviews

About Volkl

Discover Volkl tennis rackets, an innovative company producing high-quality options for everyone. With a wide range to choose from, finding the perfect fit is easy.

A major advantage of Volkl rackets is their focus on comfortable, arm-friendly designs. Their commitment to reducing vibrations and making tennis easier on the body is commendable.

Witness high performance on the pro tour with Volkl rackets used by various players. Upgrade your game with these top-notch options.

The Volkl Range


Embrace the extraordinary V-Cell line, where Volkl embarks on a journey to redefine tennis rackets, boasting cutting-edge technology and innovative design. Through the integration of extra V-Cell material, a truly unique cellulose-based carbon, Volkl introduces a realm of unparalleled comfort, stability, and responsiveness, elevating your hitting experience to unprecedented levels.

Catering to players of all ability levels, the V-Cell line offers an extensive array of options, making it the perfect choice for both beginners and advanced players alike. For those just starting their tennis voyage, these rackets strike the perfect balance between forgiveness and control, facilitating a seamless progression in their skill development. Conversely, advanced players seeking to assert their dominance on the court with formidable power and spin will find the V-Cell line to be their ultimate weapon of choice.

With its seamless combination of cutting-edge materials and unparalleled engineering, Volkl tennis rackets empower you to seize every on-court moment with unwavering confidence and surgical precision. So, embark on a transformative journey and experience the difference firsthand with the V-Cell line, as it stands as a testament to Volkl’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of tennis racket technology.

In conclusion, the unrivalled performance and versatility of Volkl tennis rackets await you, as the V-Cell line sets a new standard in the world of tennis equipment. Embrace the future of tennis and witness your game soar to new heights with the V-Cell line’s exceptional prowess and prowess.

Volkl Icon Tennis racket review

Introducing the 2023 version of the V8 Pro from Volkl – a racquet that pays tribute to their 50 years in the tennis business and 100 years as a brand. With the same specs as the previous generation, this racquet boasts a classic Volkl cosmetic.

The V8 Pro delivers pinpoint accuracy on the court with its 18×20 string pattern. Weighing 11.2 ounces strung, it suits intermediate players seeking speed and controllable power, and advanced players desiring both.

Featuring V-Feel Technology, anchored by VCell, a light and strong cellulose material, this racquet provides an improved feel and responsiveness. The butt cap and VSENSOR handle have also been updated with REVA material technology for enhanced shock absorption.

From the baseline, the 2023 V8 Pro feels fast, crisp, and precise – perfect for modern players seeking a top-notch performance.


Introducing Team by Volkl Tennis, an excellent entry-level racquet pre-strung with Classic Synthetic Gut. With Vibration Control handle, it offers exceptional comfort.

Speed is maneuverable and balanced with 16×19 string pattern for great spin potential. It’s the most comfortable entry-level racquet, perfect for confident players seeking solid performance.

Volkl tennis rackets deliver an exhilarating experience. Elevate your game with Speed.