Meet Our Coaches

Professional and Experienced Instructors

Director/Coach Tim

Origin: United Kingdom

Accreditation: LTA Level 2, PTR, Played National & International Standard

Plays: Right-Handed, Two-Handed Backhand

Born into a big tennis family, Tim started his tennis journey at the Pavillion & Avenue Tennis Club in Brighton, United Kingdom, at the age of 4.

His family moved to Spain when he was aged 7 to pursue fluency in a second language and play tennis full-time. 

Under his father’s guidance (Master Coach LTA  Level 5), Tim’s brother and Sister, Robert & Nadia Lee both acquired international ITF & WTA world rankings and played Division 1 NCAA College tennis in Texas, USA. 

Throughout his time in Spain, Tim experienced training at some world-renowned academies such as JC Ferrero Equelite Tennis Academy in Alicante, and Sanchez-Casal Academy in Barcelona. 

At the age of 18, Tim moved to the UK to further his coaching career. While completing his studies at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, Tim acquired his International Coaching Certificates from the Lawn Tennis Association. 

Tim has a Bachelor of Marketing and a Master’s in Information and Technological Studies. 

His coaching philosophy is similar to the Spanish methodology of gritty tough training coupled with a clear focus on developing the correct technique from an early stage in one’s tennis career. 

Following his passion for the sport and love for coaching, Tim is now based in Singapore coaching full-time and plays tournaments when he can! 

Head Coach Jon

Name: Jonathan Disley

Origin: United Kingdom

Accreditation: Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) Level 3, Played National & International Standard

Plays: Right-handed, single-handed backhand

Jon is a Level 3 accredited Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) coach who began playing tennis at the age of six at La Manga Club resort in Spain.


As a junior, Jon competed for both Hertfordshire and Essex county teams in the UK and at the age of 16 went on to attend the world-renowned Nick Bollitterri tennis academy, in Florida.


Jon was then offered a sports scholarship at Division 1 college in the United States, New York. 


After 3 years as a student-athlete, Jon returned to England to complete a Masters’s Degree and held the position of both the University Coordinator, as well as Head Coach of the tennis programmes at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. He did this whilst also coaching at the Bishop Stortford Tennis Club and Newmarket Tennis Club. 


Jon now has more than 13 years of coaching experience teaching every level of player, ranging from junior beginners and adults to advanced performance players (and anyone in between). 


Jon’s coaching philosophy is based on giving players the best tactical understanding of the sport and then developing the correct technique for each scenario they could be faced with. 


Jon wants to give each player all of the tools they need to feel confident in any situation on the tennis court and for them to develop an “all-court game”, fitness and well-being.

Coach Ash

Origin: Singapore

Accreditation: Junior Development by Tennis Australia, PTR, CTPS by ITPA

Plays: Left Handed/Two-Handed Backhand

Ash started playing tennis at the age of 11.

His playing experience includes competing in the intermediate, advanced and open categories in Singapore and playing district-level tennis in Melbourne, Australia.

Having attained a double diploma in Sports Coaching and Sport Management, Ash has a vast experience in club coaching across 3 continents over a period of 8 years.

His experience includes coaching in the Swiss and Hollandse Club in Singapore, the University of Melbourne and surrounding clubs in Australia, and Fredi Vöörmani Tenniseakadeemia in Estonia.

Ash’s philosophy of coaching the sport involves understanding the fundamentals of technique and being consistent and effective with the player’s shot-making.

Ash also believes that enjoying the process of learning is key to gaining success and becoming a better tennis player in the long run.

Coach Jordy

Coach Jordy

Name: Jordy Ktori

Origin: United Kingdom

Accreditation: Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) Level 2, Played National & International Standard

Plays: Right-handed, double-handed backhand

Jordan is an experienced tennis coach hailing from the United Kingdom with over 14 years of extensive experience in honing players from beginner to professional levels. With a rich background in the sport, Jordan played county tennis as well as university tennis in the UK at a high level, showcasing both his skill and love for the game.

Having traversed through various elite tennis academies in the UK, Cyprus, and Singapore, Jordan has gained a profound understanding of coaching methodologies tailored to diverse cultural and skill backgrounds.

This global exposure has enriched Jordans coaching style, allowing them to adeptly tailor their approach to meet the unique needs and aspirations of each player.

Jordan is renowned for his personal approach and ability to make lessons fun and enjoyable, as well as building technical proficiency among his students.