Common questions and answers


Q: I don’t have a tennis racket. Can I borrow one for my lesson? 

A: Yes, we have rackets available for rental. While we recommend regular players to buy their own rackets, this service is complimentary.


Q: I am new to this game or come from a different coach. Should I start off with a package or a single lesson?

A: We suggest you start off with a single lesson first. If afterwards, you don’t feel like there is the right connection between you and our coach, then there is an easy way out – simply stop. We do not believe in hard selling.


Q: I have bought a package but recently sustained an injury/illness which keeps me out for more than 3 months. Can I extend the package deadline? 

A: Yes of course, please send us a copy of your doctor’s report and we will add the missed time on top of the usual six months package validity. 


Q: Do you offer free trial lessons? 

A: No we don’t. We do offer free 10min skill level assessments for new players seeking to join a suitable group. 


Q: We are two players on different levels. Can we share a lesson?

A: You can split the lesson in half or share the whole lesson together. Generally, we recommend only players of similar ability share lessons unless the stronger player is ready to sacrifice a bit of his time and progress for the weaker player. For basket-feeding drills, it’s okay for both players to share the court at the same time.

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