How To Get Started in Tennis – Equipment

With lots of opportunities to get lessons from a tennis professional that has to be a good way to make a start on your tennis journey.

If you don’t know of a particular coach have a word with Tim Lee at Baseplay, or any one of the Baseplay coaches.

A coach can help you give a list of tennis equipment and choose a suitable racket  –  the grip size for your hand is important to get correct  –  too small a grip and the racket will slip in your hand and cause blisters. Too large a grip and extra strain being put on your arm might cause tennis elbow or other issues.

What To Wear When playing Tennis?

Your tennis clothes are not quite so critical but do need to be comfortable and suitable for the climate and environment you are playing in.

Shoes require a little more attention and again coach can advise and point you in the right direction to make a purchase. The court surface you are going to play on will also affect your choice of shoe  –  hard court, clay court or even the luxury of a grass court!

How to Start Your Journey

To start your lesson plan it’s probably a good idea to pay upfront for a short course of lessons and take advantage of any discount available.

Or maybe you can join a suitable group which can be good fun and not so intense.

The next stage is to be able to rent a court for an hour, with a friend and hit as many balls between you both as you can. Start off challenging yourself  –  I have to keep the ball going for a rally of 4 shots without an error. Then increase to 6 shots and eventually a rally of 10.

See if you can hit the ball cross-court  –  forehand to forehand.

A good way to practice on your own is to find a court or wall that you can hit a ball against  –  hard work, yes  –  the wall is not kind it always returns the ball.

But excellent practice and used by many players who have eventually become very good. 

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