ITF World Tennis Masters Tour

In August 2022, the ITF World Tennis Masters Tour renamed the ITF Seniors Tour.

ITF World Tennis Masters Tour

A New Branding and Promotion Approach

This new approach provided new branding and a great opportunity to enhance the promotion of this fantastic tour. The rebranding aims to increase awareness of the tour and emphasize that it is open to tennis players aged 30 and above of all levels.

Eligibility and Sign-Up for ITF World Tennis Masters Tour

Furthermore, you don’t need to play at a high professional level, nor do you need an international tennis ranking. Instead, simply sign up to receive your unique ITF IPin (International Player Identification Number). On There’s no cost to register – you only pay a fee for the tournaments you enter.

Global Participation

Join the 30,000 players aged 30-98 who currently compete in over 500 tournaments worldwide as part of the ITF World Tennis Masters Tour. Moreover, players from all over the world travel to participate in these tournaments.

Truly a Game For Life

According to ITF President David Haggerty, ”Tennis is truly a game for life that anyone can play. Furthermore, a major reason for the rebrand is that we want people to be aware that the Master’s Tour is specifically for anyone aged 30 and over.”

Competition For Intermediate to Advanced Players

Particularly for intermediate to advanced-level tennis players looking for the opportunity to get involved in enjoyable competition worldwide. Additionally, the tour provides competitive events for committed players while retaining a recreational spirit.

Tournaments for All Ages 30+

Additionally, the ITF World Tennis Master Tour offers a range of team and individual singles, doubles, and mixed doubles events for each five-year age increment from 30+ to 90+. Also, here are appropriate events for players of all ages.

Tournaments Across the Globe

Tour tournaments take place across the globe and range from MT1000 (aimed at elite players) to MT100 (aimed at the recreational level). Additionally, there are competitive and recreational events held worldwide that players can participate in.

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