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ITF World Tennis Masters Tour

The ITF World Masters Tour was renamed in August 2022 (previously ITF Seniors Tour). 

This new approach provided new branding and a great opportunity to enhance the promotion of this fantastic tour.

You don’t need to play at a high professional level and you don’t need an international tennis ranking.

Sign-up to receive your unique ITF IPin (International Player Identification Number)  –  on There’s no cost to register  –  you only pay a fee for the tournaments you enter.

Join the 30,000 players aged 30 – 98 who currently compete in over 500 tournaments worldwide as part of the ITF World Tennis Masters Tour.

ITF President David Haggerty said, ”Tennis is truly a game for life that anyone can play. 

A major reason for the rebrand is that we want people to be aware that the Master’s Tour is for anyone aged 30 and over”.

Particularly for intermediate to advanced-level tennis players looking for the opportunity to get involved in enjoyable competition worldwide.

The ITF World Tennis Master Tour provides a range of team and individual singles, doubles and mixed doubles events for each five-year age increment from 30+ to 90+.

Tour tournaments take place across the globe and range from MT1000 (aimed at elite players) to MT100 (aimed at the recreational level).

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