The Slice Forehand

This shot can be defensive or a deliberate strategy to give a change of dynamics with a lower bouncing ball that comes fast off the court surface.

The grip is called Continental and is similar to a volley grip but with the fingers spread  –  shake hands style.


The wrist is firm and the complete arm and upper body are used with the arc of hit from high to low  –  the opposite of a topspin shot.

The shot is useful for approaching the net  –  the stroke is abbreviated and doesn’t require a big preparation that takes time and slows your net approach.

It gives a low bouncing ball that your opponent will find difficult to lift with topspin and attempt to pass you.


Chip and Charge

The slice forehand is used in the Chip and Charge tactic.

This popular tactic is useful to surprise your opponent and take away their serving initiative  –  usually used to return a second serve which is slower than the first serve.


It warrants a strategic charge to the net and usually a well-angled volley.

A fast court surface, like acrylic or grass, will give a lower bouncing ball if a slice is used and make it easier to dominate the net.

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