Latest Wilson Tennis Apparel

US racket manufacturer Wilson is a powerhouse of the tennis industry and has provided rackets for some of the greatest tennis players of all time including Pete Sampras, Serena Williams and Roger Federer.

Wilson, like its competitors, offers a wide range of tennis rackets to suit all levels and styles of player.

Whereas Babolat tends to lean towards a modern style of racket, Wilson offers more of a blend of classic and modern rackets, so you’re sure to find something you like in one of their ranges.

Wilson offers five main racket ranges  –  Pro Staff, Ultra, Blade, Clash and Burn  –  like Babolat, each racket family has a number of sub-categories.

​​Wilson Pro Staff

The Wilson Pro Staff is arguably the most iconic tennis racket in the world.

Not only did Pete Sampras use this stick to win roughly 1,000 Wimbledon matches, but then Roger Federer used it to win absolutely everything.

Just as Nadal espouses the main characteristics of his Babolat Pure Aero, the Pro Staff’s best features are reflected in the game of Roger Federer.

The Pro Staff offers feel, precision and control  –  all the things you need to play like the great man himself. These rackets range from intermediate all the way up to the Wilson Pro Staff 97 RF, which has some serious weight to it.

With their small heads, flexible beams and beefy swingweights, these rackets can be very challenging to play with, so it is worth finding the right Pro Staff for your style of game.

Wilson Burn Rackets

Similar to the Ultra rackets, the Wilson Burn range offer players an explosive mix of speed, spin and power.

Burn rackets are excellent for beginners all the way through to advanced players and reward aggressive shot makers.

Compared to the Ultra rackets, Wilson Burn sticks give players a little bit more spin potential and have a more involved feel. These rackets are great for intermediate players looking to add a bit more pop and spin to their game.

Wilson Blade Rackets

Spearheaded by 23-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams, is the Wilson Blade family.

Offering a tantalizing mix of precision, feel, control and spin, these rackets are extremely popular the world over.

Slightly less powerful than the Ultra, Burn or Clash rackets the Wilson Blades allow for players with full swings to maximize their racket head speed and attack the ball with confidence.

Like the Ultra rackets, there are a number of different sub-categories within the Blade family that make these rackets attractive for players of all standards.

Wilson Ultra Rackets

The Ultra family are a more modern style of rackets that offer users a convenient blend of speed, power and spin. These rackets are great for beginners all the way through to advanced players, and are particularly easy to use.

Used on tour by Japanese star, Kei Nishikori, these rackets offer a huge range of options from 95sq. inch racket heads, and control oriented frames, up to a massive 110sq. inch frame.

Whatever it is you are looking for you can find it in the Ultra range.

Wilson Clash Rackets

Clash is the newest line of rackets from Wilson, bringing the latest racket technology to the court.

With a focus on comfort and feel, these rackets are designed to be firm when you need them to but also allow you to get power and control.

They allow flexibility at the right time to help make your tennis experience more comfortable.

As the newest range of rackets, there are sure to be plenty of updates to these sticks in the future, but there are already quite a few variants to look at in this family.

Like the Blade and Ultra lines, there’s a racket for everyone in the Clash family.

Wilson Shift

Wilson Sub-Categories


The L (light) and UL (ultra light) categories can be found across the different racket ranges and offer lighter options for beginner and junior players.

The lighter weights make it easier to swing the racket and help simplify the process of stroke development.

Players who are still developing their strokes will find it easier to produce racket head speed and develop their technique with these rackets.


The Team rackets are designed to bridge the gap between the L rackets and the regular versions.

They have very manageable weights, and they are set up to give players a reasonable level of performance whilst still making it easy for them to improve their game.


The Wilson Tour rackets are aimed at more advanced players who are looking for extra performance.

These rackets will be heavier, and often have more dense string patterns, allowing for more control.

Advanced players with a lot of experience and well-developed strokes should look to these rackets to try and get the most out of their swings.


The S rackets are Wilsons Spin Effect rackets. These sticks have a unique string pattern that helps players generate extra spin.

If you really struggle for topspin then these rackets can be a real help.

Other Considerations:

Head size.

This number will normally be included at the end of the racket name, common examples are 97 and 100.

String Pattern.

You will see lots of rackets listed as 16×19 or 18×20.

This refers to the number of strings in the racket.

18×20 rackets will be more control-orientated vs easier spin and power from 16×19 rackets.


Countervail is Wilson’s dampening technology to reduce vibration and shock which otherwise transmits through the racket to the player’s arm.